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Futureproofing Your Website: Here’s How

‘Unprecedented’. Aside from ‘Covid-19’, ‘coronavirus’ and ‘lockdown’, of course, I challenge you to think of a word that’s been used quite as much in the past 12 months.

It’s been a challenging year or so, for individuals and business owners alike – and in these times of uncertainty, we’ve been forced to be flexible. Some people have altered their business model, others have simply made tweaks to their website – in preparation for the less-than-straightforward days, weeks and months ahead.

Futureproofing your website is vital if you want to get ahead – but why? What does ‘futureproofing’ actually mean, too?

In the case of your website, futureproofing simple means making the necessary tweaks needed to ensure it – and your business – stands the test of time.

During a year of lockdowns, it’s been more difficult for customers to visit your physical premises (if you have one), which makes sprucing up your online home more important than ever. Here’s how you can do so…

Keep Your Content Fresh

Blogging – and regularly – via your site will boost your search engine ranking no end. Make sure you use plenty of key words in your content, too.

By updating your site in this way, Google will see you as ‘busy’ – and a busy business tends to be a successful one. So, what will the search engine do? It’ll prioritise your content, making sure it’s easier to find by the people who are looking for it.

Take a look at other ways you can maintain momentum in terms of SEO. Can you talk to your web developer, for instance, about updating some of the key words in the back end of your site, to reflect what people might be searching for during the pandemic?

You could also update your PPC, highlighting online meetings and home delivery services – anything that will help customers who perhaps can’t (or don’t want to) leave the house at the moment.

Think About eCommerce Functionality

If you’ve always sold via your physical premises, consider an eCommerce site, which will mean you can easily trade online.

The ability to adapt – especially during the pandemic – is so important. Plus, an eCommerce website gives you an added stream of income, so why wouldn’t you consider it?

Keep Your Customers Up to Date

Uncertain times can make us all feel a little unsettled. As a business owner, though, you can do your best to help alleviate any worries your customers may have about your new eCommerce site – or new, Covid-safe ways of doing business – by simply keeping them updated.

Your blog is a great way to keep customers up to date; you can post on it as regularly as you like – and, as we discussed earlier in this post, doing so will up your search engine ranking too.

Be considerate with customers as well. Some people aren’t as used to online shopping as others, preferring to see a friendly face in person when they make a purchase. Be patient and kind and your customers – and you – will be happier for it.

Can I answer any of your questions about futureproofing your site? Get in touch with me via the site here.

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