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The Benefits Of Website Maintenance

We get it; when you’re busy, updating your website is close to the bottom of your list of priorities – but it’s important. A ‘buggy’, sparsely populated website will do you – and your business – no favours.

So, consider updating it with plenty of content and fixing anything that needs to be fixed.

You don’t need to do it yourself, of course – that’s where iam39 comes in. We’re here to help with anything involving your website – whether it needs a couple of simple tweaks here and there or a complete overhaul. Here’s why maintaining your website is vital…

It’ll Boost SEO

We talk about SEO a lot here at iam39, but with good reason. When you put a lot of time into search engine optimisation, or SEO for short, you will reap the rewards that come with it – which generally means more customers. Thanks to your commitment to website maintenance, they’ve probably been able to find your site more easily.

SEO can seem technical at first, but it can simply mean updating your blog more regularly. Keeping your site updated with fresh content will pay dividends when it comes to your Google ranking, so consider adding a note in your diary to write a new blog post monthly, if not weekly.

It’ll Protect Your Site – and Your Business

Cyber attacks and hacking are very real threats to business owners everywhere, but by staying vigilant – which also means keeping on top of general website maintenance – you may be able to nip any threats to your site’s protection in the bud.

Again, chat to me about how website maintenance services from iam39 can give you all the reassurance you need that your site is safe and secure.

You should also back up your website regularly – just in case a cyber-attack means all your hard work and regularly updated content and blogs goes down the pan. This blog post and the tips within it aren’t designed to scare you; cyber attacks rarely happen, but it’s important nonetheless to ensure your site is as safe as houses.

It Provides a Smooth, Stress-free Experience for Customers

A great-looking, well-designed website is an absolute joy to browse. A poorly-designed one…not so much.

So, give your customers the gift of a smooth and stress-free experience when they land on your site, by making sure you maintain your website, fix any bugs and keep the content up to date. This doesn’t just keep your customers happy – it may keep them coming back to use your services, too. In turn, this will put a big smile on your face – so it’s win-win.

Think about things like how quickly your site loads, too – and how easy it is to find the information your customers might be looking for. Are there any annoying pop-ups that detract attention from your key messages? Or are there spelling mistakes or typos you need to sort out? This looks unprofessional, but it also won’t help your SEO.

Want to know more about website maintenance? Talk to me about the easy tweaks you can make to your website today.

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